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31th Mar, 2016: One Day Workshop (Capacity building Programme for Faculty) on ‘Discover the Power within’ Sponsored by RUSA, Chandigarh Administration



 ‘Discover the Power Within’

A self-reflective, motivational and goal setting workshop was conducted by Ms. Shqipe Malushi, a USA-based consultant, women’s Rights activist, gender trainer, writer and motivational speaker.

The interactive workshop was held over two sessions of 2/ ¼ hours each, with a lunch break in between. It was attended by almost 65 faculty members and about 20 post-graduate students.

Session 1:

Part 1:

Ms. Malushi began the session with a story describing the importance of Self-Love, Relaxation, Self – Realisation, to reconnect with ourselves. She then went on to relate some of her own transformative life experiences, particularly her strife-torn growing-up years and her love for India.

Part 2:

Each of the participants were then asked to introduce themselves, and to tell three things about themselves that they love.

Ms. Malushi then created awareness about how are life paths are created through our own experiences and the conditioning we are subjected to.

·        When born, we are alive, positive, open and unconditioned. As we grow up…the words, ‘stop! Don’t!’ control our lives.

·        Conditions put on us impact us. Impact of parents, teachers, politics… Environment confines socially, politically…

Then participants were asked to talk about their fears.

Ms. Malushi explained how we need to work on our fears. We need to identify our fears and face them rationally, to analyse them and see how:

·        We repeat all the time the same thing. Mind controls and we don’t know ourselves. Slowly negativity comes up. We feel ashamed of our qualities we should feel proud of.

·        We need to recognize the good qualities, slowly bring them up and handle things better by controlling our mind.

·        We are the only person to control our mind and heart.

Part 3: Challenges and obstacles:

What do we feel when are afraid, stressed, low?

Participants responded with the following list of negative emotions:

What do we feel when we are unafraid, happy, unstressed?

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