An Introduction

National Education Policy 2020 lays particular emphasis on the development of the creative potential of each individual. It is based on the principle that education must develop not only cognitive capacities – both the ‘foundational capacities’ of literacy and numeracy and ‘higher-order’ cognitive capacities, such as critical thinking and problem solving – but also social, ethical, and emotional capacities and dispositions.

Higher education plays an extremely important role in promoting human as well as societal wellbeing and in developing India as envisioned in its Constitution – a democratic, just, socially conscious, cultured, and humane nation upholding liberty, equality, fraternity, and justice for all. Higher education significantly contributes towards sustainable livelihoods and economic development of the nation. As India moves towards becoming a knowledge economy and society, more and more young Indians are likely to aspire for higher education.

To contribute to the realization of these aspirations, PGGCG-11 aims at fulfilling the mandate of NEP 2020, and impart quality higher education to enable personal accomplishment and enlightenment, constructive public engagement, and productive contribution to the society. The institution will prepare students for more meaningful and satisfying lives and work roles and enable economic independence.

The college has well-equipped infrastructure, qualified faculty, state of the art scientific set-up, and sumptuous academic repository complemented by sports facilities, green environs and numerous opportunities for beyond the classroom and holistic development of the students. The implementation of NEP 2020 will polish the learners as assets for the nation.

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