Ph.D Courses

Ph.D Courses

Doctorate of Philosophy

The college has been awarded research centres in five disciplines of three faculties viz., Chemistry in Faculty of Science; English in Faculty of Languages; and Dance, Music (Instrumental) and Music (Vocal) in Faculty of Design and Fine Arts. As many as six faculty members from these departments have been approved as supervisors for guiding research scholars for Ph.D.

S.No. Name of Department Faculty member
1. English Department Dr. Maninderpal Kaur Sidhu
2. English Department Dr. Sumati
3. English Department Dr. Dipankar Sukul
4. Music Department Dr. Amita Sharma
5. Music Department Dr. Shruti Hora
6. Philosophy Department Dr. Ambuj Sharma

To facilitate research work in other disciplines and inculcate a sense of inquiry, investigation, analysis and innovation among scholars, Panjab University has also approved the following faculty members to supervise research for award of Ph.D.

S.No. Faculty member Department
1. Dr. Seepana Prakasam Economics
2. Prof. Guneeta Chadha Fine Arts Department
3. Dr. M. Dharakshyani Home Science Department
4. Dr. AnuShrma Physical Education Department
5. Dr. Neelam Rathi Psychology Department
6. Dr. Ambuj Sharma Philosophy Department
7. Dr. Cheena Gambhir Public Administration Department
8. Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh Sociology Department
9. Dr. Manoj Kumar Sociology Department
10. Dr. Sukhwant Singh Sidhu Sociology Department
11. Dr. Umesh Bharti Zoology Department