Grievance Redressal and Student Welfare Cell

Grievance Redressal and Student Welfare Cell

Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted to look into the matters related to the grievances of the students of the college. Redressal is undertaken at an individual as well as the class level, and in cases of grievances of common interest. The Cell facilitates the maintenance of a conducive and unprejudiced educational environment. It is ensured that the complaints of students are redressed as soon as they are received. All complaints are scrutinized by the authorities and the Grievance Redressal Cell and the resolutions therefor are recorded.

Composition of Grievance Redressal and Student Welfare Committee:

Prof (Dr). Anita Kaushal Principal
Prof Guneeta Chadha Vice Principal
Dr. Meenu Verma, Head, Department of Commerce Convener
Dr. Neelam Rathee, Dept. of Psychology Member
Dr. Veenat, Dept. of Sociology Member

Additionally, the following student volunteers help in the functioning of the committee:

Ms. Aditi B.A II
Ms. Brhamleen B.A II
Ms. Kashish B.A. I
Ms. Avantika B.A. I
Ms. Khushi B.A. I


The Committee is committed to the development of a responsive and accountable attitude among all the students in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute. It has been constituted for the redressal of the problems reported by the students of the college with the following objectives:

  • Upholding the dignity of the college by ensuring strife-free atmosphere in the college through promoting cordial student-student relationship and student-teacher relationship.
  • Encouraging the students to express their grievances/problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.
  • To put in writing their grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics/administration in the college.
  • Advising students of the college to respect the right and dignity of one another and show utmost restraint and patience whenever any occasion of rift arises.
  • Advising all the students to refrain from inciting students against other students, teachers and college administration.
  • Advising all the staff members to be affectionate towards the students and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.

Procedure and Functioning of the Committee

  • During the orientation programme at the beginning of the session, the students are informed about the committee, its working and the members are introduced.
  • The students can file a written complaint directly with any member of the committee or email the complaint to the college email
  • In addition, the college has devised a mechanism for taking students’ feedback in general, whereby the students are asked to fill a google form, wherein they give their feedback on different teaching and learning aspects. The grievances obtained from the feedback form are forwarded to the Grievance Redressal andStudent Welfare Committee. The committee members look into complaints and grievances and act upon them and ascertain that the grievance has been resolved properly and in time.
  • Any suggestions by students for improvement are also welcomed.


In this session, no specific or direct complaints were received by the committee. However, on the basis of the data received from the students’ feedback google form, it was gathered that there was need for improvement in hygienic conditions in the washroom, better water facilities and overall sanitization of the college for the student welfare. In this context, the  following steps were taken:

  • As the colleges became operational in blended mode (online and offline) after pandemic, the SOPs and directions and guidelines from the Chandigarh Administration regarding sanitization, social distancing and personal hygiene etc were implemented for the welfare of students and relieve the stress created out of the fear of Covid-19.
  • To improve the pressure of water in the taps, booster pumps were installed.
  • To ensure the availability of clean drinking water, the caretaker of the college was directed to arrange for the regularservicing of water purifier systems of water coolers.
  • The Cleanliness Committee of the college was instructed to take regular rounds in order to ensure the cleanliness of the campus.
  • For the issues concerning maintenance and cleanliness, the sanitation staff was directed to ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene of the college, specifically the washrooms.

University Grants Commission (Redress of Grievances of Students) Regulations, 2019