Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Session 2023-24

Class1st Installment
B.A-I (1st Semester (Without any Practical Subject))10347/-
B.A-I (1st Semester (With One Practical Subject))12187/-
B.A-I (1st Semester (With Two Practical Subject))12967/-
B.SC-I (1st Semester (Medical))13747/-
B.SC-I (1st Semester (Non-Medical))12967/-
B.SC-I (1st Semester (Comp. Science))12967/-
BCA-I (1st Semester)26264/-
B.Com-I (1st Semester)12187/-
B.A-II (3rd Semester (Without any Practical Subject))8976/-
B.A-II (3rd Semester (With One Practical Subject))10816/-
B.A-II (3rd Semester (With Two Practical Subject))11596/-
B.SC-II (3rd Semester (Medical))12376/-
B.SC-II (3rd Semester (Non-Medical))11596/-
B.SC-II (3rd Semester (Comp. Science))11596/-
BCA-II (3rd Semester)25748/-
B.Com-II (3rd Semester)10816/-
B.A-III (5th Semester (Without any Practical Subject))8976/-
B.A-III (5th Semester (With One Practical Subject))10816/-
B.A-III (5th Semester (With Two Practical Subject))11596/-
B.SC-III (5th Semester (Medical))12376/-
B.SC-III (5th Semester (Non-Medical))11596/-
B.SC-III (5th Semester (Comp. Science))11596/-
BCA-III (5th Semester)25748/-
B.Com-III (5th Semester)10816/-
M.A-I (1st Semester (English/Pub. Admn/Sociology/Economics))11566/-
M.A-I (1st Semester (Music(V), Music(I)/Dance/Fine arts))13546/-
M.Sc-I (1st Semester (Botany/Zoology))16516/-
M.Sc-I (1st Semester (Chemistry))14536/-
M.Com-I (1st Semester)12296/-
M.Sc-I (1st Semester (IT))34583/-
PGDCA-I (1st Semester)18059/-
M.A-II (3rd Semester (English/Pub. Admn/Sociology/Economics))11506/-
M.A-II (3rd Semester (Music(V), Music(I)/Dance/Fine arts))12486/-
M.Sc-II (3rd Semester (Botany/Zoology))15456/-
M.Sc-II (3rd Semester (Chemistry))13476/-
M.Com-II (3rd Semester)11496/-
M.Sc-II (3rd Semester (IT))34288/-
M.A Psychology(I) 1st Semester12556/-
M.A Psychology(II) 3rd Semester12496/-
M.Sc Physics(I) 1st Semester13546/-
M.Sc Physics(II) 3rd Semester11496/-

Hostel fee 1st Installment:- Rs. 5990/- (Including Refundable Hostel Security of Rs. 350/- and Mess Security of Rs. 1600/-)

Hostel Fee 2nd Installment:- Rs. 4040/-

The Following amount will be charged extra as above said fees.

  • Rs. 30/- extra facilitation charges on per receipt. Fees should be deposit in the Sampark Centers on the same day till 8:00 PM after generate the receipt.
  • Foreign Students extra Rs. 1177/- charged.
  • Late fee with principal permission Rs. 1000/-.
  • Late fee with VC permission Rs. 3000/-.
  • Migration fee of Rs. 451/- will be charged if student comes from any other board except Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, CBSE.