General Guidelines

General Guidelines

SESSION: 2023-24
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in this document to the contrary, the “Instructions for Admission to Various Courses” of Panjab University, Chandigarh, or any subsequent instructions to be issued by Panjab University, Chandigarh, for the session 2022-2023 shall apply.
  • Any instructions or rules received from the Director Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration/ Panjab University, Chandigarh, after the publication of the prospectus, will be binding on the candidates.

General Information

  1. The candidates are admitted strictly in accordance with the Regulations contained in the latest calendars/ guidelines/ any other Instructions which have been issued/ may be issued from time to time by the Panjab University, Chandigarh, for the respective courses/ examinations and in order of merit.
  2. All the admissions to the institution are provisional and subject to the approval of the Panjab University, Chandigarh. The institution cannot be held responsible in case the University does not approve the admission of a student on account of giving incomplete information, concealing necessary facts or attaching incomplete testimonials or choosing wrong combination of subjects or delayed submission of certificates etc. The fine/penalty imposed by Panjab University, Chandigarh, for any default in this regard shall be the personal responsibility of the candidate.
  3. Candidates disqualified by any University/ Board will not be admitted.
  4. Concealment of facts/ furnishing of false information in the Admission Form will lead directly to the cancellation of admission and the amount deposited as fee will be forfeited.
  5. For admission, fraction of marks less than the requisite percentage would not be rounded off to the advantage of the candidates, i.e. 32.9%, 39.9% and 49.9% shall not be rounded off to 33%, 40% and 50% etc.
  6. Late Admission with Vice-Chancellor’s Permission
    1. Permission of the Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University is necessary for admission after the expiry of the last date for admission given with the Principal’s permission.
    2. A candidate, whose result of 10+2 examinations has not been declared by the School Board, may be admitted without late fee within 15 working days of the declaration of the result, depending upon the availability of seats and the fact that the Admission Form has been submitted as ‘Result Awaited Case’ before the last date of submission of Admission Forms. The attendance of such a student shall be counted from the date of admission. This would be applicable to Open School also. After expiry of this period, late admission approval from the Vice- Chancellor is required. See Rule 10 at Page No. 355 of Panjab University Calendar Vol- III, 2016.
    3. In the case of Panjab University students who have already appeared in any of its examination and the result is declared late for one or the other reason, the admission cannot be said to be a case of fresh admission. They are already midway of the class. In these cases, admissions to the next class/course may be allowed within 10 working days, from the date of dispatch of result, without charging any late fee.
  7. Hostel Admission
    1. Hostel admissions will be considered only for those candidates who have opted for hostel while applying in Online Admission Form.
    2. Hostel admissions are non-centralized and are done by the respective college on the merit basis to which the candidate is admitted.
    3. It is mandatory for the Parent/Guardian of the candidate to be present at the time of admission.
    4. Wards of Defence/ Para-Military Personnel (Outside UT Pool) who are admitted in the colleges are eligible to take admission in the respective college hostel.
  8. Re-admission
    1. A student who remains absent for more than 10 days at a stretch, including holidays, in one or more than one subjects/ periods, without sanctioned leave, is liable to have his/her name struck off from the college rolls.
    2. If a student’s name is struck off from the college rolls, he/ she will be required to seek readmission within 10 working days, failing which his/ her admission will stand cancelled.
    3. Re-admission fee of Rs. 150/- will be charged. It is mandatory for the student to bring his / her parent at the time of re-admission.
    4. Re-admission is not the right of every student. It is the prerogative of the Principal of the respective college and it is allowed for not more than two times per semester/ per session.
    5. The attendance of the student seeking re-admission will however be counted from the first day of teaching and not from the date of re-admission.
  9. MigrationStudents from other colleges affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh, may be allowed to migrate with the prior permission of the concerned Principals and as per the University rules and regulations. He/she has to submit College Leaving Certificate from the previous college along with the other certificates.
    1. No migration will be permitted to a student with a combination of subjects which is not provided in the concerned colleges.
    2. Students who are not from Panjab University, Chandigarh, are required to submit the Migration Certificate.
    3. Mid-term migration from any other University is not allowed.


Note: A student of any other University who is placed in compartment in 1 st and 2nd Semester/ 3rd and 4th Semester of B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.C.A./ B.B.A. Course be not allowed to join the 5th and 6th Semester Course of this University.

  1. Deficient SubjectsA candidate who has passed his/ her 1st  and 2nd Semester of B.A./ B.Sc.(General)/ B.Com/ B.B.A./ B.C.A. course conducted by another University/ College affiliated to another University in Indiaunder specific authorization by the University concerned, be allowed to migrate to a College affiliated to Panjab University/ Department of Evening Studies/ University School of Open Learning in the 3rd  Semester/ 5th  Semester of the respective Course (as per rules prescribed under Chapter XIV – ‘Migration of Students’ Page No.292 to 309 of P.U. Calendar Volume-III, 2019) on the condition that such a candidate will have to clear the Deficient Subject/s if any, within the permissible chances.Deficiencies should be determined by the Principal/ Chairperson at the time of admission under intimation to the University (i.e. on the Registration Return and examination forms) as well as to the students as per University Rule No.6 given at Page No.310-311 of P.U. Calendar Volume – III, 2019.
    1. A candidate seeking admission to any college after migration from Universities other than the Panjab University shall clear deficient subjects, if any, as determined by the College/ University.
    2. Deficient subject is one which is not passed by the candidate in the previous institution in that class and is required to be qualified for admission to next higher class.
    3. The candidate should be asked to furnish the details of the courses he/ she has covered in his/her previous institution, i.e. course contents etc. and that should be certified by the Principal/competent authority of the previous institution.
    4. In case of students who have passed their B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.B.A./ B.C.A.Part I/ II examination from Universities other than those from the Punjab State there should be no deficient subjects. In case the student had covered more that 50% of the syllabus prescribed by the Panjab University in a subject it shall not be treated to be a deficient subject.
  2. Foreign StudentsAll Foreign/NRI Students shall obtain Eligibility Certificate from the Deputy Registrar (General), Panjab University in all cases and the admission of the Foreign/NRI students to College/Teaching Departments would be governed by the Guidelines issued by the Dean, International Students. After obtaining the Eligibility Certificate, the candidate should submit the same to College/Department where he/she is seeking admission. The eligibility form should be accompanied by a forwarding letter from the Principal of the College/ Chairperson of the Teaching Department indicating the reason for denying the admission to the candidate.Checklist of Documents for Foreign Students
    1. Original Passport / Visa (wherever applicable)
    2. Valid Student Visa
    3. Certificate of Registration from the local police
    4. Date of Birth Certificate with the Father’s/ Mother’s name
    5. Eligibility Certificate from the Panjab University, Chandigarh, to desired course
    6. Original Letter of Certificate from present institution
    7. Original Migration Certificate
    8. Academic certificates and testimonials
    9. Original letters of scholarships in case of those who are Government of India sponsored scholars
  3. Withdrawal of Admission and Refund of Fee The information regarding the same will be uploaded on DHE website as and when the norms/ guidelines will issued by University Grants Commission / Panjab University, Chandigarh/ Chandigarh Administration.
    1. Student admitted in Government College can apply for Fee Refund or De-allocation of Seat through his/ her respective login at DHE website
    2. Student admitted in Privately Managed Aided College has to refer to the respective college prospectus/ website regarding fee refund.
  4. Compulsory Subjects for Undergraduate students
    1. English
    2. Punjabi/ History and Culture of Punjab: Only the following students may take up History and Culture of Punjab in place of Punjabi Compulsory.
      1. Candidates who are not domicile of Punjab and have not studied Punjabi at Matriculation or 10+2 level either as an elective or additional (optional) subject (vide the Panjab University letter no. ST 9595, dated 3 October, 2011).
      2. Wards of Defence Personnel and Central Government Employees who are transferable on all India basis.
      3. Foreigners.
    3. Environment, Road Safety Education, Violence against Women/ Children and Drug Abuse: It is a compulsory paper, which the students are required to pass with at least 33% marks either in 2nd  , 4th  and 6th semester of the Course, failing which the Degree will not be issued.

General Conditions Regarding Eligibility

  1. The examination passed by a candidate on the basis of which he/ she is seeking admission to the next higher class in the College stands recognized by the Panjab University, Chandigarh.
  2. Only eligible candidates be admitted to the course concerned.
  3. An affidavit in duplicate from each candidate having gap year seeking admission to the College/ Department to the effect that he/ she was not disqualified by any Board/ Body/ Council/ University and he/ she was not already registered with the Panjab University, Chandigarh (wherever applicable), must be obtained by the concerned College/Department before allowing admission. In case the candidate was disqualified, the period of disqualification and the activities in which the candidate was involved during the period of disqualification, should be indicated by the candidate in the said affidavit.

(Specimen of the affidavit is given at the end of the Prospectus.)

  1. In case of re-admission after a long spell, the candidate must quote his/ her old Registration Number of Panjab University, Chandigarh.
  2. That a candidate who has been placed under compartment/ re-appear in one subject only with at least 20% marks (Theory and Practical taken together) in the subject in which he/she has been placed in compartment in the +2 examination conducted by the Open School Board in India shall be eligible to seek admission to the 1st Semester of B.A./ B.Sc.(General)/ B.Com./ B.B.A./ B.C.A. course under 10+2+3 system of education. He/ she should have cleared the compartment before the declaration of the first year result. If he/she could not submit the relevant papers/ documents on the date of declaration of result then his/ her admission will be automatically cancelled.
  3. The candidate who is admitted in 1st / 3rd / 5th  Semester will be allowed to be promoted to 2nd  /4th  /6th  Semester respectively. However, for promotion from 2nd  to 3rd  or from 4th  to 5th Semester the candidate will have to clear 50% of the total papers till that semester. It is further clarified that for calculating 50% fraction, like, 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 will be considered as 3, 4 or 5 respectively.
  4. The candidates, who got admission in 1st Semester in a College and after completing the 1st Semester, could not get the admission in 2 Semester due to one or other reason, are being allowed admission in the 2nd Semester next year with the condition that the candidate must have attended the classes/appeared in examination in the College in 1st Semester, this provision/facility be extended to the candidates of 3rd  and 5th  Semester as well. Such a facility be extended to Post-Graduate students also. To overcome this problem, few admission dates for 2nd  semester should also be allotted in January i.e. one week after the Winter Break as per P.U. Academic Calendar, 2022-2023. (As per Syndicate Para 49 dated 01.05.2016).
  5. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor has allowed the candidates to change a subject in any circumstances in the even semester examination whereas he/ she will have to clear that subject as deficient in lower semesters examination which he/ she has changed in the higher semester for qualifying the award of Bachelor’s Degree (vide Circular No. Misc./ A- 6/ 3295 dated 06.04.2018).



The respective college authorities have the right to reject any admission form and refuse admission if there is any discrepancy in the name, date of birth or even spellings of the names in passport, certificates, testimonials and birth certificate etc.