The College has a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of about 400 people. It serves as a space for fostering the holistic development of the students. Located at the centre of the campus, the auditorium is fully equipped with sophisticated and superlative light and sound systems. The auditorium is also well-furnished with a large podium, cosy seating with special chairs for the guests, balcony seats for a finer view of the events, good acoustics, advanced audio-visual equipment including LCD projectors, screens, green rooms, and washrooms. The auditorium of the college reflects the commitment to augment the quality of education for the students.

Multimedia Room

Multimedia Room include basic technology infrastructure for teaching and learning such as:

a. Fixed 86 inch data/video smart display with audio
b. Windows 10 PC
c. Internet connectivity at instructor station
d. Wireless network access
e. Audio input
f. AV control system
g. Digital Podium with multiple connectivity options

Seminar Room

College has got fully air-conditioned seminar room, with a seating capacity of around 100 people. Equipped with sophisticated ICT infrastructure such as audio-visual facilities, projectors, comfortable seats, and a podium, the seminar room provides a boardroom atmosphere for the students. It is the perfect venue for all the important curricular and extra-curricular seminars, discussions, debates, special lectures, council meetings, society events, conferences, FDPs, etc.

Conference Room

College has conference room for conference calls, board meetings, management discussions, and other major decision-making situations. It is well located at the centre place of college and comprises of white screen with LCD projector, connected with wireless connectivity for laptops.

Academic Block

Academic Block is situated in the heart of the college. It includes Dean office, Vice Principal Office, Data resource centre, Placement and UGC Cell.

Skill Development Lab

College has taken lead amongst all the Chandigarh Colleges to establish a fully equipped state of the art Skill Development Lab as per the mandate of Skill India initiatives of Government of India under RUSA grant. The college will be offering various Skill Oriented Courses such as, Web Designing, Web Marketing, Office Management, Events Management etc. The Lab shall also be used for Functional Hindi and Functional English courses that are being taught as elective subjects at the Undergraduate level. These courses will enable the students to develop skills and train them for jobs.

Research Centre Block

The College offers Ph.D in FIVE disciplines and a Research Centre dedicated for this purpose has been constructed. The centre shall cater to the requirements of research scholars from different disciplines by means of providing space and academic ambience. Classes for research scholars and pre-PhD course work will also be hosted in the centre. It will also serve as a guiding platform for interaction between the supervisor and the scholar.

Central Instrumentation Centre

College understands the need for a state of the art instrumentation centre for sciences with updated and calibrated equipment for inquisitive students who are willing to create new collective knowledge and foster the next generation of scientific leaders. Central Instrumentation Centre is well equipped with apparatus to help students take part in various projects related to the subject.

Dark Room

There are three dark rooms in Physics labs for the optics experiment. Each dark room has three to four spectrometers. Spectrometers are used to study the pure spectrum and further used to find the refractive index of given material and wavelength of light used. There is one polarimeter in each dark room to find the specific rotation of optically active substance and one Newton ring experiment to find the wavelength of light. Mercury and Sodium lamps are used in each of these experiments.

Smart Classrooms

The College has many spacious, well lit classrooms. Large windows allow for good ventilation. The classrooms are ICT enabled with projectors for enabling the use of audio-visual mediums of teaching. Classrooms are equipped with black or white boards

Laboratories (Computer Labs, Science Lab, Language Labs)

The College provides a well equipped laboratory for students to carry out their innovative and scientific experiments. The laboratory is designed in a unique sitting pattern to facilitate imparting of instructions as well as have freedom of movement between desks for the instructor to assist students individually. Infrastructure is upgraded to meet the requirements of changing technology and the University syllabi.

Open Air Stage

“Open Air Stage” is thoughtfully planned to foster an enticing learning experience for the passionate student community and encourage their participation in several academic and cultural activities. This arrangement has so far helped numerous young talents to grow and prosper in their respective fields, thus adding feathers to the bright cap of the College.

Outdoor Gymnasium

The outdoor Gymnasium is built adjoining the greenhouse of the college, with all-weather exercise machines. These machines are categorized into strength training and simple fitness or resistance training. Machines have been installed which are helpful in various training exercises such as pull-up bars, balancing beams, parallel dip bars, etc.