An interclass competition on the theme “Inculcating Reading Habits amongst students”

The Department of Library Science at Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls Sector-11, Chandigarh, successfully organized a series of stimulating competitions for its students. These included Slogan Writing, Book Jacket Making, Book Mark Making, Book Hunting, and Reference Hunting. The competitions aimed to inspire and encourage the students to develop a strong passion for reading and enhance their awareness about the library’s role in shaping their educational journeys.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. (Dr.) Anita Kaushal, the college’s Principal, who distributed prizes to the winners. She also took the opportunity to motivate the students to utilize the library to its fullest potential. Prof. Kaushal emphasized the importance of libraries as excellent learning environments that provide access to abundant resources, foster new ideas and perspectives, and ultimately help shape future leaders.

Close to 80 students participated in the competitions, showcasing their creativity and skills. The contests were not only fun and engaging, but they also contributed to developing the students’ knowledge and skills. Overall, the event successfully instilled a love for reading and appreciation for libraries among the students, and it served as an excellent platform to showcase their talent.