Technology ki Pathshala

40 studentsfrom the PG department of Bachelor of Computer Application, and  PG department of Commerce of PGGCG sector 11 Chandigarh,visited  Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) in sector 17 Chandigarhto attend “Technology ki Pathshala”. Dr Naveen Pandhi and Ms Harpteet Kaur accompanied the students.

The ICCC is a command-and-control center, also known as a “situation room,” where monitoring, controlling, and commanding operations are conducted. It serves not only the government but also departments such as Police & Fire, universities, utility companies, and others, facilitating the sharing of commands, warnings, and alerts seamlessly and flawlessly in large numbers.

One of the primary objectives of Chandigarh’s smart city mission is to enhance safety and security, improve the efficiency of municipal services, and promote a better quality of life for residents. To achieve these objectives, a robust ICT infrastructure that supports digital applications and ensures seamless steady state operations, city management, surveillance, emergency response mechanisms, and real-time tracking of services and vital city metrics is necessary throughout the city and in government departments.

The ICCC project aims to establish a collaborative framework that assimilates and analyzes input from different functional departments of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders, such as transport, water, fire, and police, on a single platform, resulting in aggregated city-level information. This information can be converted to actionable intelligence and propagated to relevant stakeholders and citizens. The project’s implementation scope includes CCTV surveillance, intelligent traffic management systems, adaptive traffic controlling systems with video analytic software, data analytical inter-departmental assistance, a communication center, and an integrated command and control center platform integration with digital services.

During the visit, Mr. Ashish Sharma, an information and communication technology expert at the ICCC, educated the students about the development of Chandigarh as a smart city.

Students were shown how the ICCC provides safety and security to citizens and how the command center improves the efficiency of municipal services. They also learned about the benefits of placing more than 2500 cameras across 300 different locations throughout the city. The purpose of the activity was to raise awareness among the younger generation about the role of data and technology in making the city better and safer. The students had an interactive and enjoyable session, actively participating and learning about the city’s development as a smart city.