Cultural Evening

Nostalgia, the Alumni Association of the college organized a cultural evening for the Alumnae which witnessed a huge participation of old students across generations. More than 150 former students from different walks of life attended the meet. They recalled their stay in the college, and felt proud to be associated with their alma mater even after so many years.

The show started with the traditional lighting of the lamp followed by a kaleidoscope of cultural extravaganza. Students showcased their talent by presenting music and dance items. The presented items have won accolades and prizes in the Zonal and Inter-zonal Youth and Heritage Festivals. It is noteworthy that the college won the Overall Trophy in the PU Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival for the Ninth consecutive time this year and was adjudged 2nd Runner-up in the recently concluded Inter-Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at Mukerian.

Indian orchestra presented by the students was a vibrant synthesis of Sitar, Rikhi Veena, Banjo, Dilruba, Mandolin and many instruments, and was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. Group Bhajan was a treat for the ears. An energetic Rajasthani group dance left the audience swerving on their feet.

Gazal, a soulful rendition of emotions, and the group song was highly applauded. Students also presented Luddi, the traditional Punjabi dance which made the atmosphere lively and enthusiastic. A colourful dance of vibrantly dressed students from north-eastern states portrayed the rich cultural heritage of India. Mimicry and Bhaand performances raised a lot of laughter.

Prof. Anita Kaushal, Principal of the college and herself an alumna, interacted with the alumnae and expressed pleasure that they still cherished the memories of the institution so fondly.