Expert talk -“Post Pandemic Indian Economy –Issues and Challenges”

On March 2, 2023, the PG Department of Economics organized an expert talk on the topic “Post Pandemic Indian Economy – Issues and Challenges” in room no. 109 at 12 noon. The talk was delivered by Professor B.K. Patnaik from the School of Extension and Development Studies at IGNOU in New Delhi.

The event was attended by about 100 students from various programs, including BA, BA Hons, and MA Economics, along with faculty members. The talk lasted for 90 minutes and provided valuable insights into the issues and challenges faced by the Indian economy in the post-pandemic scenario.

Professor Patnaik discussed various aspects of the Indian economy, such as the impact of the pandemic on different sectors, government policies, and strategies to overcome the challenges. He also addressed the queries raised by students during the session, providing them with a better understanding of the topic.

The event provided a platform for students to interact with an expert in the field and gain a deeper understanding of the Indian economy’s post-pandemic scenario. The talk was informative and insightful, highlighting the significance of economic resilience and adaptability in times of crisis.