Lecture on Gender Inequality and Stereotypical Roles: Culture and Conflicts under the Aegis of IQAC

On 24th February 2023, the department of Sociology at our university organized a lecture on “Gender Inequality and Stereotypical Roles: Culture and Conflicts.” The lecture was delivered by Ms. Sujata Rajpal, an accomplished author, freelance writer, and TEDx speaker.

The lecture was attended by 119 students and faculty members from the department of Sociology and allied disciplines. Ms. Rajpal began the lecture by defining gender inequality and the role of culture in perpetuating it. She discussed how cultural norms and expectations are often used to justify discriminatory attitudes and behaviors towards women.

Ms. Rajpal also highlighted the damaging effects of gender stereotypes, particularly in the context of professional and personal relationships. She discussed how these stereotypes limit opportunities for women and reinforce unequal power dynamics.

Throughout the lecture, Ms. Rajpal used examples from her personal life and experiences to illustrate the ways in which gender stereotypes and cultural norms impact women’s lives. She also discussed strategies for challenging and overcoming these harmful attitudes and behaviors.

The lecture was followed by a question and answer session, during which the audience engaged in a lively discussion on the topic. Many of the students and faculty members shared their own experiences and perspectives on gender inequality and cultural conflicts.