Workshop on Recent trends in Science

On Friday, 24th March 2023, Jigyasa – The Science Society, under the guidance of IQAC, organized a one-day workshop on Medicinal Plants and Instrumentation at PGGCG-11, Chandigarh. The Department of Science and Technology and Renewable Energy, Chandigarh Administration sponsored the program, which saw the participation of 20 faculty members and 95 students from the Science Department.

The workshop began with a lecture-cum-demonstration by Mr. Om Prakash, Regional Environment Coordinator at Vidya Bharti – North Region and Consultant Herbal Garden, Herbal Plants, Nursery, and Environmental Activities. Mr. Prakash emphasized the importance of Ayurveda, an ancient therapy gifted to us by our Rishi Munis. He spoke about various medicinal plants such as Kapoor Tulsi for eye medicine, Astevia for diabetes, Bharmi as a memory booster, Shatavari as an immunity booster for ladies, and Sarpgandha for high BP cure. He stressed on the need for taking herbal plants as medicine under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor, as these plants can be harmful if taken without consultation.

The lecture was informative and well-received by the students, who interacted enthusiastically with the resource person.

Another workshop on “Instrumentation” was also conducted on the same day by Mr. Anuj from Samarth Scientifics. He explained the working and handling of various instruments such as U.V. spectrophotometer, conductivity meter, flame photometer, digital melting point, and pH meter. The session was informative for both students and faculty members.

In the end, Dr. Sadhana Verma, the Convener of the Science Society, gave a vote of thanks for the successful organization of the workshop. Overall, the workshop was a great success in spreading awareness about the benefits of medicinal plants and instrumentation in the field of science.