Inter College IT Fest : TECHZEAL

TECH-ZEAL 2K23, an annual inter-college competitions event, was organised by the Department of Computer Applications, Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh on February 10, 2023. The event was inaugurated by the Principal, Prof. Anita Kaushal, along with the Dean, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, and Ms. Monika Sikka, through lighting a ceremonial lamp. With more than 150 participants from 13 colleges in the region, the campus was buzzing with energy throughout the day.

The competitions included “SHOW CASE,” a movie-making contest, “DANCEPLUS,” a dance competition, “TREASURE HUNT,” an outdoor adventure game that tested presence of mind and physical agility, “MIND EXPLORER- IT QUIZ,” which tested programming skills through problem solving, critical analysis, and quick thinking, “WEB-CREATEX,” a web designing contest, and “KOD-HAK,” a debugging competition. The event also featured “THE MASK-Face Painting,” where participants painted themes related to Digital India, and “BEST OUT’A WASTE,” where e-waste materials were assembled creatively and innovatively.

Prof. Anita Kaushal distributed prizes to the winners and commended the Department of Computer Applications for organizing the event. She encouraged students to excel in computer applications and carve a niche for themselves in the modern competitive world, stating that IT is essential and plays a vital role in many sectors. Prof. Kaushal noted that events like Tech Zeal act as a source of destressing and refreshing for students amidst their strenuous academic schedules, and the technical skills learned from such events will undoubtedly help them succeed in their chosen career paths.