Literary and Debating society organises Orientation Program

Literary and Debating Society (LDS) of PGGCG-11 Chandigarh organised orientation program On 19th August 2023. The students, with eager anticipation, gathered to partake in this enlightening event orchestrated under the guidance of the society’s Convenor, Prof. Maninder Sidhu. With a warm and encouraging welcome, Prof. Sidhu set the tone for the program, emphasizing the inclusive and collaborative nature of the society.

Amidst an atmosphere of camaraderie, Prof. Sidhu introduced not only the esteemed faculty members but also the passionate student members who are the backbone of the society. This introduction fostered a sense of unity and belonging, creating a space where both experience and enthusiasm converged to propel the society forward.

During the course of the session, the attendees were enlightened about the overarching goals and objectives that the Literary and Debating Society aims to achieve. The upcoming events, carefully curated to challenge and inspire, were unveiled, generating palpable excitement among the students. These events promise to be a dynamic platform for participants to exhibit their literary prowess, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and refine their debating skills.

The culminating highlight of the orientation was the interactive session, fostering a direct connection between the office bearers and the students. With an impassioned spirit, the students were not just encouraged but genuinely motivated to unearth and showcase their hidden talents through the diverse opportunities provided by the society. Prof. Sidhu’s words resonated with the attendees, instilling a sense of purpose and self-assurance in their abilities.

As the orientation program drew to a close, the Literary and Debating Society had effectively ignited the spark of enthusiasm within the students. It paved the way for a year filled with intellectual growth, skill enhancement, and memorable interactions, all contributing to the holistic development of the participants. With hearts full of anticipation, the students eagerly looked forward to the plethora of opportunities awaiting them through this engaging and enlightening platform.