PGGCG-11 celebrated World Entrepreneurship Day

The Department of Commerce at Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh, teamed up with the Institution Innovation Council to arrange a special event celebrating World Entrepreneurship Day. Notably, Sh. Manish Kumar, the accomplished founder of Mindfood Chef, graced the occasion as the distinguished resource person. The event, held on 21.08.2023 in the college’s Multimedia Room, aimed to both inspire and educate students about entrepreneurship’s nuances, spanning from idea inception to kickstarting a business. The venue underwent a transformation into a hub of inspiration and knowledge sharing, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Department of Commerce and the Institution Innovation Council. This joint endeavour not only offered insights from a seasoned entrepreneur but also provided an academic and innovative perspective from the Institution Innovation Council.

Sh. Manish Kumar, recognized for his entrepreneurship prowess as the visionary behind Mindfood Chef, imparted his wisdom as the resource person. With a wealth of experience in the entrepreneurial realm, he became an ideal mentor for the students. His insights covered the gamut of generating inventive business ideas, underscoring the significance of recognizing market gaps, comprehending consumer needs, and harnessing personal interests and talents to forge a distinctive value proposition.

Sh. Manish Kumar accentuated the pivotal role of cultivating the right entrepreneurial mindset. Traits like persistence, adaptability, risk-taking, and the ability to glean lessons from failures emerged as integral facets of an entrepreneur’s triumph.

The event commanded an impressive turnout, attracting around 100 students from diverse disciplines. This diverse and engaged audience underscored the burgeoning curiosity and fascination among students for the realm of entrepreneurship.