Needonomics for Human Development in India

Post Graduate Department of Economics of Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh organised a Talk/Interactive Session on Needonomics for Human Development in India on 06-11-2019. Professor M.M. Goel former Vice Chancellor Jagan Nath University, who is a known spiritual economist from Kurukshetra , was the resource person for the expert talk. Prof (Dr) Anita Kaushal, Principal of the college welcomed Prof. M.M. Goel. The Principal emphasised the importance of human development in India in the context of large population resources.

Making his presentation, Prof. Goel emphasised that  “Recession  as  ‘horror-scope’  of  any  economy  like  India  calls  for  spiritually guided materialism (SGM) Strategy which is  capable of removing  all kinds of fear  (false  evidences appearing  real).  Economy based on SGM strategy does not require predictions (astrological or data based) for existence and excellence without worries of wars as not windblown of recession.” Prof. Goel opined that recession in the global economy including India is a reality to be accepted by the stakeholders with proper diagnosis by the economists for creating conducive working environment. Economy can be people friendly and socially beneficial only if undertaken in accordance with NAW (Need, Affordability and Worth) approach of the goods and services .To  fix  the  existing  economic  mess  ,  we  have  to  understand,  analyse,  interpret  and  adopt ‘Needonomics’  (economics of needs) which is  nonviolent, spiritual  and ethical in  nature. Needonomics is  the  sensible  idea  of  India  in  tune  with 17  Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 for every economy of the world, he believes. It  is  believed  by  Professor  Goel  that  the  problems  including  violence,  terrorism,  exploitation  and corruption of all kinds are caused by ‘Greedonomics’ (economics of greed) and can be reduced if not removed by ‘Needonomics’.