Posters on Viksit Bharatshowcased by NCC cadets

Under the guidance of Principal Prof (Dr) Anita Kaushal, the NCC Army Wing cadets of the college recently orchestrated an engaging poster-making activity focused on the theme of ‘VIKSIT Bharat’ (Prosperous India) to commemorate 75th Republic day. The event became a canvas for boundless creativity, with participants passionately translating their visions for a forward-thinking India onto paper. Each poster served as a unique window into diverse perspectives, emphasizing the significance of innovation, sustainable practices, and societal progress.

Beyond showcasing artistic talent, the activity nurtured a collective sense of responsibility among the students, reinforcing their dedication to actively contribute to the development of a VIKSIT Bharat. Madam Principal expressed her appreciation for the students’ efforts, and the event concluded with a striking display of the thought-provoking posters. These visual representations stand as a testament to the students’ commitment to a brighter and more inclusive future for our nation.