Tree Plantation Drive by NSS Volunteer

NSS volunteers at PGGCG 11 Chandigarh took the initiative to organize a tree plantation drive, focusing on the cultivation of the night-blooming jasmine, also known as Mogra. This fragrant and delicate plant, scientifically named JasminumSambac, is native to Bhutan, India, and Pakistan. It manifests as a petite shrub with a growth potential of up to 10 feet in height.


The volunteers chose Mogra for its sweet-scented flowers, and their efforts aimed to contribute to the local environment positively. By planting and nurturing this particular species, they not only added to the greenery of the surroundings but also enhanced the olfactory experience for the community. This tree plantation drive reflects the commitment of NSS volunteers to environmental conservation and beautification, with the added charm of the night-blooming jasmine, Mogra. Principal Prof (Dr) Anita Kaushal congratulated the NSS volunteers and Program Officers for taking such initiative to enhance the ambience of the campus.